Forex Strategy: Calculating the Size of Your Trading Positions

Forex day traders must master a number of skills before they should begin trading real money. But calculating the size of a position is one of the most critical. Why? Success in Forex trading is all about managing risk, and properly sizing your trading positions will ensure you’re managing risk wisely.

To calculate your position size, you must know several key pieces of information. You must know:

  • Your Account Balance
  • Currency Pair You Wish to Trade
  • % of Balance You’re Willing to Risk
  • Where You Will Set Your Stop Loss
  • Currency Values

Once you’ve determined this information, you can begin to calculate how much currency you will buy.

Determine Your Risk

Your account balance is easy enough to figure out. But then, you must calculate the amount of that balance you’re willing to risk. Typically, the majority of traders tend to risk 1-3 percent on a single trade. It’s very rare for a trader to risk a greater

7 Methods To Find A Reliable Online Forex Broker For You

Nowadays the list of Forex brokers is staggering and overwhelming. There are so many online Forex brokers available, how is a trader supposed to choose? As such, here is a list of things you should do (for due diligence) before joining a Forex Broker:

Regulation – One of the first steps is to check and see if a broker is regulated by a Financial Services office or organization. A broker will usually be required to provide the license number publicly on their website and also have it readily available if a person asks for it. If you ask a broker to provide the registration number of their regulatory body and they refuse, it raises a red flag. Another method would be to check the regulatory body’s website and inquire or search for the broker. Note that different regulatory bodies enforce different rules for brokers, so researching the requirements and reliability

Learn Forex: What’s Your Trading Style?

One question beginning Forex day traders will face is: What’s your trading style? Are you a position trader? Or do you consider yourself a scalper? There are many different types of Forex styles, but in general, they fall into four basic categories. Traders can consider themselves scalpers, day traders, swing traders, or position traders.

Each of these styles will help Forex traders reach specific goals, and each style has a different time commitment. So which one suits your needs best?

If you’re just beginning in the Foreign Exchange Market, it’s important to carefully consider the different types of Forex styles. It’s not to say you can’t always change up your style, but it will help you direct your focus as you’re just starting out. Here’s a look at the four most common types of Forex trading styles:


Scalping is a high-speed, quick-profit strategy that requires the trader to open many positions throughout

Tools Needed for Today’s Binary Options Trader

Every soldier going to war must be properly armed, and while no bullets are fired in the financial markets, it is a combative market. The financial markets are a zero-sum arena; what is made and lost by traders in the market is from within the market players and not from outside. Profits made are generated from traders who have lost money.

Since the market is a combative one in a figurative sense, it then follows that those who have superior firepower in the market will obviously have greater advantages than those who use smaller calibre weaponry. So as the number of traders in the binary options market increases, so is the competition for the trading profits in the zero-sum market.

To be able to survive the battle in this front, the trader must be armed with the tools that will ensure success. Here is a list of some of the trading tools

Common Debt Solutions

The financial economy in modern society has been built on the foundations of debits and credits. Surprisingly, not many people know the advantages of dealing with liabilities. Running a business always has risks and things can take a turn for the worse. The global financial crisis in 2008 taught us a lesson that no one can predict the economy. For this reason, it is important for business owners to educate themselves when they are burdened with debt. There are several options that a business can utilise to deal with debt.

One of the most used debt solutions is restructuring. Restructuring is a practice used by many companies, ranging from small business owners to large multinational companies. Having the right team is vital for a successful restructure. Normally, the team will involve accountants, lawyers and consultants who will assess your resources and liabilities coupled with cash flow requirements in order to

Consolidate My Debt – Everything You Need To Know About Debt Reduction Through Consolidation

Are you buried under the debts of various loans? If yes, than probably you need a solution to get rid of them as soon as possible. Don’t let them turn into Bad Debts and make your life a hell.

The best possible way to get rid of them is pay them off as quickly as possible. If you want to, you can consolidate all of your loans and go for a Consolidated Debt Loan. So, before you go for a Consolidated Debt Loan, all you need to do is to prepare a list of all the debts that you have.

Another question must have emerged in your mind that how to prepare the list of your debt? Well, it quite simple; you can easily do that, and can be done by following some of the method as mentioned below:

ยท Prepare List of Debts:

Take out the list of all the credit card

The Long-Lasting Effects of Bankruptcy

The side effects of a bankruptcy include sighs of relief, stress reduction, increased disposable income, a new found respect for budgeting, a long-term financial plan that includes retirement, a preservation of savings, improved sense of self, improved sex life, financial control, improved credit scores, just to name a few. Stop right there. I know you’re probably saying, “how does my credit score improve?” It seems illogical that a credit score is likely to increase due to a bankruptcy filing, but let me explain.

Credit scores are based upon so many factors in the FICO scoring system that basically include the number of trade lines (how many credit cards, etc. that you have), the balance owed as compared to the credit limit, collections and late payments, charged off accounts, judgments, etc. What happens in bankruptcy is that we eliminate the debt. The effect on the credit report is an improvement in

Debt Settlement: Is It Right for You?

The debt settlement is the means of negotiation that comes into play when you or a respective company is liable to pay money so that the creditors accept some portion of money against the full payment. The debt settlement company will force you to pay some amount on a monthly basis that is due until you have enough payment to pay off your creditor.

The theoretical aspect

As soon as you agree to a debt settlement program, many of the settlement firms will advise you to stop making the credit card payments monthly. Taking such a step will enable you to save money. Once you have enough money, the debt settlement firm will negotiate with your credit card company. It will offer them a one-time and a large payment that will settle your debt.

It is believed that many of the debt settlement firms claim that the one-time payment is much less

Debt Assist – What Assistance Is Available If You Are Heavily In Debt

Debt is probably the problem that keeps you awake all the night. Your debt is one of the biggest problems that keep you worried and tense. No doubt debt is a serious problem, which cannot be ignored. A successful payment to a debt is a blessing. If you face difficulties in paying off your debt or you are not financially able to pay your debts on time, then your debts can create a huge number of problems for you.

A person with a big can’t relax at any moment and always remains in the fear. Everyone wants to pay their debts off, and have the installments paid on the preordained deadline so that he can survive and live a peaceful life. Some debts are very serious. You could be in debts for years or go bankrupt if you leave your debts alone too long.

There are different types and categories of